Getting My Craft On

Well, that was an unexpected break…

Christmas was an amazing, albeit a busy time. I decided to make my family gift baskets this year, and each basket ended up having between 5-7 gifts. This was for seven people. At the time, its seemed like a great idea. To be honest, the process wasn’t terrible either, but holy guacamole it was time consuming. While it was worth the effort (everyone was super impressed, so ‘Yay!’ for me and the hubby for helping!), I was pretty tired by the end of it, so I took a semi-break from crafting.

By semi-break, I mean I focused on cross stitching and embroidery instead of playing with all the other mediums (for the gift baskets, I had homemade snow globes, Christmas decorations, tealights, cake mixes, more cross stitches and things I can’t even remember right now). Here are a some of the mini-projects I completed*…



…and it felt so good. Despite the flaws, creating for the sheer joy of creating felt so bloody good. My only real concern is what I’m supposed to do with all these projects once they are done…

I’ll leave you with this quote:
img src:

I hope you no matter what you are doing, you are able to get your craft on!



* for the feminism symbol, I found the pattern at:

I found the original pattern for ‘This is what a feminist crafts like’ at